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Pepper spraying women, angry mobs, armed robbery: usual Christmas cheer or a sign of things to come?

28 Nov

Around 20 people were injured in a Walmart shop in Los Angeles, U.S.A when a woman attacked them with pepper spray so she could grab herself a discounted Xbox.

Picture it, she’s waiting along with a large crowd for staff to unwrap the Xbox pack. Panicking in case there aren’t enough to go around, she unleashes her pepper spray on the others. In the ensuing screams and confusion, crazy lady grabs an Xbox, quickly pays for it (she doesn’t believe in robbery, just assault) and runs….with her two kids!

For some reason I imagine her with red hair cut in a bob, red lipstick and a beige winter coat: your typical middle class female lead in the Christmas family movie from the nineties. God help me, I can’t stop laughing!

I have a few questions about this story though, and I hope we get the answers soon.

  1. Did she get the Xbox for herself, her kid or her partner?
  2. Which idiot cashier actually processed the sale?
  3. Does she have red hair, red lipstick and a beige coat?

This wasn’t the only case of violence on the eve of the Black Friday sales. In another store the security guard had to subdue crazy shoppers with pepper spray and armed robbers lurked in parking lots scuffling with shoppers on their way home. In one night across the country people resorted to ridiculous lengths to get what they wanted.

So is this just another crazy story from the Land of Crazy Stories  U.S? In 2008 a temp worker in Walmart was trampled to death by Black Friday shoppers when he opened the shop door. Shoppers stepped over him to get to the stuff, and complained when told to leave because of his death.

Or is it a sign of things to come?

Economies are based on human beings with potentially unlimited needs making do with scarce resources. So with all our collective economies doing their wobbly dance on the edge of the precipice, are we all going to revert to the primitive (and still popular, as seen in Iraq) means of acquiring these resources?

Violent force!  (queue ominous drums- dum dum dum!)

I hope not. I already get pushed out of the way by bossy old ladies at the vegetable market. If the world does collapse, I’m dead meat.