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A real solidarity march against police violence in Valencia

22 Feb

Crowds gathered in Placa Sant Jaume last night to protest police brutality against student protests in Valencia. Unarmed students were intimidated, roughed up and beaten while attempting to protest against budget cuts in Universities.

Police reaction which was cited as being ‘proportional to the threat’ sparked outrage across Spain. It was good to see the protests last night because it wasn’t just the students and young hippies/punks/anarchists. There were working class and middle class old couples in their 50s and 60s holding up placards ‘for the children of Valencia’ and shivering in the cold night air, wizened faces set in determination.

When I mention how threatening the riot police look, the old man smiles. ‘The mossos aren’t scary, its nothing if you have run in front of Franco’s grey police. We had to when we were students’.

There is no successful divide and rule policy here. The aged stick with the youth, the students stick with the workers and every one of them believes in real democracy.