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Barcelona’s specialists in aeronautical law

22 Mar

Flight delayed? Lost Baggage? Overbooked or airlines just plain taking the piss?

Sounds like a job for Retrasos!

Retrasos (delays) are a firm of Barcelona based lawyers who specialize in consumer rights and aeronautical law. Yeah, I didn’t know what aeronautical law was either.

A student of mine told me about this funny band of lawyers. He used them to recover the cost of all the extra flights he had to take to get from South America back into Europe during the great Icelandic volcano eruption.

Although they smack of ambulance chasers, I can’t help liking this group of specialist lawyers.

They have a 90% success rate and the owner of the firm is refused carriage on most major airlines. If the airlines are so peeved, they must be doing something right.