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Carribean home cooking from the boy next door

19 Mar

Walking up the endless stairs to my former flat in the Raval I notice a picture on the door of the flat below us. It’s chef from South Park. Him of the ‘lick my salty chocolate balls’ song fame is the only bit of discrete advertising announcing glad tidings for Barcelona foodies.

The boys downstairs are bringing home cooking back to the home. Forget about those hyped up New Yorky home restaurants or so-called secret kitchens, come down to Raval’s Funky Chicken Eat Caribbean for some living room hospitality.

Think of it as an invite-only house party held at lunch and dinner time, Friday to Sunday, with the expectation you contribute to your host’s costs. Call or email to arrange your invite.

Hooray for Jerk Chicken loveliness!

Join chef on Facebook or visit his Funky Chicken page.