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Mosos D’esquadra in CSI New York

18 Apr

Detective guy: El cuerpo…

Me: Hey who turned the language back to Spanish,I’m trying to watch CSI here!

Detective Jo Danville: …Mosos D’esquadra, Barcelona police…

Me: Oh my god! T come quick! Barcelona is in CSI! The guy is mosos!

T: You realise he isn’t really mosos right?

After watching for a few minutes

Me: He isn’t really Catalan or Spanish either is he?

T: No

After watching for a few more minutes

Me: She isn’t Spanish either is she?

T: No. Y’know the footballs on…

Me: Fine, change it.

(If you want to experience the exhilarating but brief and half arsed reference to Barcelona in CSI NY, look for the episode ‘Holding Cell’ in Season 7)


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