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Learn something new this year

24 Apr

One of my (adult) students was telling me what she did on the weekend.

St: One Sunday, I practised cycling
Me: Are you practising for a race?
St: No just practising. I don’t know how to cycle.
Me, laughing: What!!? You don’t know how to cycle!
St, grinning: No, I can’t put my feet on the pedals! I even went to cycling classes last year…
Me: Cycling classes…?
St: For adults
Me: What!? A cycling class for adults… did it help you?
St: Oooh not really, most of the people were cycling by the second day, but me and another girl just couldn’t get it. On the last day, I had just started to get my balance for a few minutes at a time but then the course ended.
Me: That’s a shame. How much did this cost you?
St: About 60 Euros for 4 two-hour classes.
Me: So what are you going to do now?
St: Well I still practise on my boyfriend’s bike every other weekend.
Me: Is he coaching you?
St: No, he sits on a bench reading his paper while I cycle round and round. When I fall, he comes and picks me up.

I fell in love with them after I heard this.

Both the slow learning little lady who won’t give up, and the patient boyfriend reading his newspaper on the park bench, ready to comfort her if she falls. That’s love.

Check out the Bicycle Club of Catalunya if you too suffer from cycling dyslexia! Don’t hide in shame, there are others like you. Come out and ask for help!