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Cruilla Barcelona 2013: last 2 days of the cheap ticket sale

20 Mar

Cruilla Barcelona 2013 is currently selling 2-Day tickets for 25 Euros (Plus 1.50 Euro booking fee).

It’s a risk since the artists haven’t been announced yet, but two days of shenanigans for the price of 26.50 Euros is well worth it. The artists almost don’t matter. Well okay they do, but history is on our side. Last year we saw the likes of Iggy Pop, Gogo Bordello, Cypress Hill, M.I.A, 2 Many DJs and The Specials (who gave me my first terrifyingly enjoyable moshing experience: it really is just about being beaten up to music. Heaps of fun. Honest!).

On Thursday the 21st this week the line-up will be released and the price of a 2-Day ticket goes up to 40 Euros ( + booking fee).

Question is, are you in a gambling mood?

Cruilla at Forum: one of the best venues


Food in ya belly! Dinner time in a social squat

8 Feb

La Otra Carboneria, is a squatted community space next to mercat Sant Antoni. Every Thursday they host a vegan dinner, open to all.

The food is tasty, simple and satisfying. The atmosphere is loud, friendly and relaxed. Yes you will stand out a little as a guiri but nobody cares really. If you wanted to dip your toe in the social/community/alternative living scene in Barcelona, this is a good place to start. They also host art exhibitions, a free shop (exchange stuff you no longer need for stuff you do), workshops and talks.

Go with a group of friends and get a table to yourselves, or go alone and perch at the bar. It’s all good.

Payment is by donation. Give what you can, a euro, a couple of euros or more. Beer is one euro.

La Otra Carboneria describe themselves as free space for people to collectively create and fight a city model which wants to sell everything. A model which treats people as little more than scenery in the ‘Barcelona Theme Park’.

Visit them at the junction of Carrer Urgell with Carrer Floridablanca.


The Guard or in Spanish El Irlandés

20 Aug

This summer been a season of bad movies. From badly executed super hero movies to __(insert name of favorite Disney movie)___ part 8 or 9, it’s all been a load of shite!

There is a good movie in cinemas though, and it’s called The Guard! It’s one of my top ten funny movies, right up there with Kickass and In Bruges. In fact the writer and director of The Guard, John Michael McDonagh, is the brother of the director of In Bruges, Martin McDonagh.

The hero of The Guard, is a provincial Irish policeman (played by Brendan Gleeson) with a blithe habit of racial stereotyping, a taste for drugs and hookers and a tendency towards honesty. This is Irish humour at it’s darkest and funniest.

If you want to watch a real movie this summer, watch The Guard.

You can watch the movie in English at the Version Original (VO) cinemas: Verdi in Gracia or Renoir on Florida Blanca.

Barcelona Photo blog day 1: Death is only the beginning

12 Jun

At least I hope it is for Dr.Pepper. He decided to go belly up on the first day of my 30 day photo project, and I hadn’t even named the poor thing.

Since my husband won’t let me bury him in the sunflower pot, he gets an online memorial and a posthumously awarded name.

Dr.Pepper. He lived. He was a fish. He died with his mouth open. He will be briefly missed. Amen.

Get up! Get out!

31 Mar

It’s spring. Seedlings are bursting out of the earth, pigeons are horny, bees are slouching about pretending to work, and rioters are rioting. It really is the perfect time to get out into the countryside.

Last year I was hit by the same malaise which affects a lot of people (especially women) about a year after moving country. After the drinking, partying, thrill of finding a job, and discovering the city, has worn off, you start feeling lonely and dissatisfied. Life seems a bit one-dimensional but every time you think of doing something, the cost or lack of willing friends puts you off.

To overcome this, I spent an entire afternoon in September 2011 signing up to various meetup groups including a Barcelona Writers Club, Barcelona Green Drinks, Cinebar, Barcelona Brunch Club, Barcelona Hiking and Outdoors Group etc. My life was about to become a whirlwind of social activity.

That was the plan.

By February this year, I had:

1. Attended one Cinebar event where the highlight of my social interaction was being asked to pass the popcorn

2. Attended one Writers Club and came away intimidated and a little bored- Writers there had been professionally practising the craft longer than I had been alive and I was completely clueless on my writing plans. (*The story didn’t end here, see my Update Note below.)

3. Got lost in the Gotico, turned up late and completely missed a Green Drinks meeting. It was like a scene from The Graduate, I was banging on the glass door and crying on the street, the group was oblivious in the back room, and eventually a scary looking punk and his dog offered me a beer.

Then, I signed up for en event with the Barcelona Hiking and Outdoor group. For one reason or the other, I chose to ignore all my perfectly valid excuses this time:

1. I didn’t know anybody on the group

2. I don’t speak great Spanish

3. I was asked to work at the Chippy that night

4. I didn’t have any hiking boots (and the group rules state people turning up without the right gear get left behind. It would be like turning up to PE without my shorts all over again.)

Ignoring the excuses and getting off my arse, was the best 2012 decision I have made. The result was this:



Since the first event went so well and the people were so awesome, I decided to go on another.



Yes, that is a whale!

So sign out of facebook, put away the laptop and go commune with some freakin nature!

1.About a year after I attended the writing group, I agreed to accompany a friend to the meeting once again. The friend stopped going, but I still try to make it as often as I can for my dose of inspiration. If you’re struggling alone at home, I seriously recommend coming out and having a few drinks with other people who enjoy the craft. It’s like balm!