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Has this little white supremacist boy kicked a hornet’s nest?

30 Jun

On Sunday morning a nasty video of a racially motivated assault appeared on Twitter. You would think that was the most disturbing part. It’s not.

The video shows a young man standing over an Asian man seated in the metro and threatening him. The altercation quickly deteriorates into physical violence at which point the other passengers intervene and what appears to be a well meaning bystander pushes the Asian man out of the carriage to protect him.

This happened in Barcelona, supposedly this weekend. The metro stop is Fabra i Puig on L-1.

The video was posted by a twitter user Payo_cura whose twitter profile reads: Siempre Patriota,Europa Blanca, Good Night Left Side. Residente en Barcelona. Clearly a little inbred douche.

All official bodies have done the official things. The transport department has referred the video to the Mossos d’Esquadra for further investigation. The Ajuntament has condemned the attack etc.

But this is the age of internet memory when our digital breadcrumbs will live forever and will forever lead a trail back to our doorsteps… lightning speed.

While news websites have only just posted their articles, anti-fascist Twitter users  have already tracked down and identified the friend of the person taking the video. Their real names have been posted online. A photograph of the attacker, (his friends had taken the trouble to blur out his face in the video), and the home address of Payo_Cura have all been posted and shared across Twitter. The tables have been turned and how!

One ominous tweet reads:

No saldrá de casa hoy @Payo_Cura. Y si sale, que vaya protegido.

Don’t leave your house today Payo_Cura. And if you do, go with protection.

Much as I like the idea of these violent little shits doing a bit of trembling behind their doors, this is potentially volatile information floating out in cyberspace uncontrolled. Anyone with half a brain knows that retribution and counter retribution is a fool’s game. This city has made me proud with its anti-fascist emotions.  Will it make us proud with its equally wise actions and decisions when it comes to revenge and retribution? How quickly will the police catch up and shut this thing down? They monitor Twitter right?





Raval’s landmark squat Barrilonia evicted: Another nail in the community coffin

22 Jul

Oh the shame of it! I’ve become a symptom of my time. Head down, scurrying out to work and then wandering home, always lost inside my myopic little world of worries; it took a facebook post for me to realise my neighbourhood squat has been evicted and bricked up.

Now Barrialonia, as it was called, was not just a squat.

It was a community center. It used to host concerts, political meetings and community parties. They celebrated Id last year by cooking up a massive pot of biriyani and setting tables and chairs out on La Rambla del Raval for an open air picnic for the neighbourhood.

They organised makeshift movie nights on the Rambla with a small projector and screen, and anyone interested just had to park their bum on the street and get comfortable. They hosted debates and talks about Real Democracy and kept the movement alive between the more high-profile marches.

The council’s reasons for shutting the squat down are ‘structural concerns’ with the building. They used similar excuses to shut down other squats in Barcelona in the past, including la Makabra, Miles de Viviendas and Ruina Amalia. In all these cases, the squats served as community centres which hosted art classes and exhibitions, spaces for political debate and spaces to celebrate cultures.

What follows is usually either swift demolition of the building or comprehensive bricking up of all entrances, which is then followed by….. nothing.


They won’t attempt to replace the space with a council built community center, sports center or art space. They can’t afford to. That much is blatantly obvious, this being an economic crisis and all. So why go and kick the sand box over in the first place? Is it so bad to have people with initiative doing something in their community?

Dear government, haven’t you realised it is the people with ideas, opinions and initiative who will save you from this nightmarish crisis?

A real solidarity march against police violence in Valencia

22 Feb

Crowds gathered in Placa Sant Jaume last night to protest police brutality against student protests in Valencia. Unarmed students were intimidated, roughed up and beaten while attempting to protest against budget cuts in Universities.

Police reaction which was cited as being ‘proportional to the threat’ sparked outrage across Spain. It was good to see the protests last night because it wasn’t just the students and young hippies/punks/anarchists. There were working class and middle class old couples in their 50s and 60s holding up placards ‘for the children of Valencia’ and shivering in the cold night air, wizened faces set in determination.

When I mention how threatening the riot police look, the old man smiles. ‘The mossos aren’t scary, its nothing if you have run in front of Franco’s grey police. We had to when we were students’.

There is no successful divide and rule policy here. The aged stick with the youth, the students stick with the workers and every one of them believes in real democracy.

Pepper spraying women, angry mobs, armed robbery: usual Christmas cheer or a sign of things to come?

28 Nov

Around 20 people were injured in a Walmart shop in Los Angeles, U.S.A when a woman attacked them with pepper spray so she could grab herself a discounted Xbox.

Picture it, she’s waiting along with a large crowd for staff to unwrap the Xbox pack. Panicking in case there aren’t enough to go around, she unleashes her pepper spray on the others. In the ensuing screams and confusion, crazy lady grabs an Xbox, quickly pays for it (she doesn’t believe in robbery, just assault) and runs….with her two kids!

For some reason I imagine her with red hair cut in a bob, red lipstick and a beige winter coat: your typical middle class female lead in the Christmas family movie from the nineties. God help me, I can’t stop laughing!

I have a few questions about this story though, and I hope we get the answers soon.

  1. Did she get the Xbox for herself, her kid or her partner?
  2. Which idiot cashier actually processed the sale?
  3. Does she have red hair, red lipstick and a beige coat?

This wasn’t the only case of violence on the eve of the Black Friday sales. In another store the security guard had to subdue crazy shoppers with pepper spray and armed robbers lurked in parking lots scuffling with shoppers on their way home. In one night across the country people resorted to ridiculous lengths to get what they wanted.

So is this just another crazy story from the Land of Crazy Stories  U.S? In 2008 a temp worker in Walmart was trampled to death by Black Friday shoppers when he opened the shop door. Shoppers stepped over him to get to the stuff, and complained when told to leave because of his death.

Or is it a sign of things to come?

Economies are based on human beings with potentially unlimited needs making do with scarce resources. So with all our collective economies doing their wobbly dance on the edge of the precipice, are we all going to revert to the primitive (and still popular, as seen in Iraq) means of acquiring these resources?

Violent force!  (queue ominous drums- dum dum dum!)

I hope not. I already get pushed out of the way by bossy old ladies at the vegetable market. If the world does collapse, I’m dead meat.

The European Bailout for dummies

18 Nov

Are you as confused as me about this whole trillion, quintillion, gazillion Euro bailout business?

Be confused no more. Tom Meltzer has produced this easy to follow video on The Guardian’s business blog. Watch and learn or die laughing instead-

United for change- dare to believe in it

16 Oct

Yesterday evening, tens of thousands of protesters marched on Placa Catalunya to as part of the global revolution of people wanting a change in this world order.

Different movements have sprouted up over the last year under different banners and priorities. In Spain the movement operates under the banner of ‘Real Democracy’. In America and the UK, the movement is more anti banks, anti greed and anti capitalism. In India the movement is anti-corruption. Whatever the focus, all these movements boil down to two things-

1. Anger at inequality and unfair systems
2. Desire for a change

This is old school faith, when you allow yourself to believe we can change the world. To recognize the common goals of all these movements, the United for Global Change demonstration was organized. Take the square website organized a Global Channel for participating demonstrations to link in report from their corner of the world.

Protests turned violent in Italy, and no doubt mainstream media will suck up the sensationalism, but non of it compares to the crimes we are protesting against – large scale theft a.k.a bailouts, ‘austerity measures’ which affect the most vulnerable (education and health) while bankers still draw record breaking salaries and bonuses, whipped governments who would rather focus on suppressing and crippling the people they represent than standing up to the money lords, and inequality, inequality, inequality.

Join the Revolution!
1. Spanish Revolution on facebook
2. European Revolution on Facebook

12th October, Columbus Day- nothing to celebrate

14 Oct

Dia de la Hispanidad, the day of Spanish culture is celebrated on the 12th of October, the day on which Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas. The day thousands of folk going about their lives were given the good news of their ‘discovery’ by the well meaning Christopher.

Or maybe he wasn’t so well meaning. Dear ol’ Chris was consciously responsible for:

1. The start of decades of plundering of the continent’s natural resources
2. The manipulation, brutalization and subjugation of the continent’s people in order to make them a) civilized and b) Christian
3. The attempt to start up a slave trade to rival the one in Africa

More distant and unforeseen results of his little ‘discovery’ include:

1. The collapse of indigenous populations under the pressure of ravaging disease, impoverishment and general brutalization.
2. Long lasting impoverishment of South American states leading to vulnerability to greedy multinationals, puppet dictators, drug barons and a host of other delightful characters.
3. The disgruntlement of many Spanish conservatives at the large scale influx of South American immigrants fleeing decades of poverty created by colonization.

So his services to Queen and God notwithstanding, maybe Columbus isn’t the best poster boy for modern day Spanish national pride.

Orgasmic democracy: why the suffragettes were so pissed off

24 Nov

Catalan regional elections will be held on the 28th of November 2010.


Well you should be. According to the video released by the youth branch of the Socialist Party, there is a whole lot to look forward to. Orgasmic voting. I understand the rage of the suffragettes a bit better now. I mean, how pissed of would you be?

It isn’t true, a classic case of false marketing you say? Well obviously! You would have to be very dumb or very desperate to believe a story like that. Insane really.

……….so I’ll see you down at the polling booths on the 28th then?