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Writers and illustrators unite! It’s competition time

8 Oct

We write it. They draw it.

BCN Mes is hosting a writer+illustrator competition this month that has me super excited. I’m not sure why, it just sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

If you would like to take part go to the Arroz Negro section on BCN Mes and sign up. You can sign up as, a writer looking for an illustrator, vice versa, or if you’re one of those lucky ones…. you know, the type who have friends, you and your writer/illustrator friend can register as a team.

The stories can be in Catalan, Castellano or English. If you’re one of the lonesome this is the time to start messaging other lonely hearts registered on the website to link up. You have until the 20th of October to register your team.

On the 21st of October each team will be given, a guideline, a genre, and a key word and graphic element that must be included in the story and accompanying illustrations.

Teams have until the 31st of October to submit their work. BCN Mes will then choose the best 8 teams and publish them in the November edition. A nice bit of publicity for your effort, and heaps of fun. You heard me. Heaps of fun!

Picture: Yoshi Sislay: One example in which I think the writer wouldn’t keep up with the illustrator.


Get up! Get out!

31 Mar

It’s spring. Seedlings are bursting out of the earth, pigeons are horny, bees are slouching about pretending to work, and rioters are rioting. It really is the perfect time to get out into the countryside.

Last year I was hit by the same malaise which affects a lot of people (especially women) about a year after moving country. After the drinking, partying, thrill of finding a job, and discovering the city, has worn off, you start feeling lonely and dissatisfied. Life seems a bit one-dimensional but every time you think of doing something, the cost or lack of willing friends puts you off.

To overcome this, I spent an entire afternoon in September 2011 signing up to various meetup groups including a Barcelona Writers Club, Barcelona Green Drinks, Cinebar, Barcelona Brunch Club, Barcelona Hiking and Outdoors Group etc. My life was about to become a whirlwind of social activity.

That was the plan.

By February this year, I had:

1. Attended one Cinebar event where the highlight of my social interaction was being asked to pass the popcorn

2. Attended one Writers Club and came away intimidated and a little bored- Writers there had been professionally practising the craft longer than I had been alive and I was completely clueless on my writing plans. (*The story didn’t end here, see my Update Note below.)

3. Got lost in the Gotico, turned up late and completely missed a Green Drinks meeting. It was like a scene from The Graduate, I was banging on the glass door and crying on the street, the group was oblivious in the back room, and eventually a scary looking punk and his dog offered me a beer.

Then, I signed up for en event with the Barcelona Hiking and Outdoor group. For one reason or the other, I chose to ignore all my perfectly valid excuses this time:

1. I didn’t know anybody on the group

2. I don’t speak great Spanish

3. I was asked to work at the Chippy that night

4. I didn’t have any hiking boots (and the group rules state people turning up without the right gear get left behind. It would be like turning up to PE without my shorts all over again.)

Ignoring the excuses and getting off my arse, was the best 2012 decision I have made. The result was this:



Since the first event went so well and the people were so awesome, I decided to go on another.



Yes, that is a whale!

So sign out of facebook, put away the laptop and go commune with some freakin nature!

1.About a year after I attended the writing group, I agreed to accompany a friend to the meeting once again. The friend stopped going, but I still try to make it as often as I can for my dose of inspiration. If you’re struggling alone at home, I seriously recommend coming out and having a few drinks with other people who enjoy the craft. It’s like balm!

Girl *ahems* dog then puts gun in mouth: bizzare google searches for this blog

23 Nov

Girl or woman f@&%$ dog

Girl with gun in her mouth

kill the white man, Booyakasha

These are the most popular search word terms used in google, which lead people to my blog. Strange terms, but the last two can be linked to a blog post and a photograph used on another post. Easily explained then.

Er….about the first one…. its prety sick

What I want to know is, who are these people?

And more importantly, did you find what you were looking for?  Maybe a pay-per-view section to this website………?