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100 days of happiness

22 Jan

I started the #100happydays challenge to take a photograph of something that makes me happy, every day for a hundred days.

Not sure who is behind the website and what their motives are. Although the site talks about the challenge like it happened before and gives some inspiring but completely made up facts about what happens to those to successfully complete the challenge, there is very little evidence that it existed before January 2014.

Regardless, I like the idea. It’s a nice antidote to the dire lack of sunlight and music festivals in January. And it gives me an excuse to post uplifting phrases next to uplifting photographs. There may even be more terrible¬†uplifting poetry involved.

Yup, this was definitely a good idea.

Day 1: A tea and wine and carrot cake afternoon

What’s not to love? There were some friends involved as well.

Cosmo Cafe Barcelona

A winey Sunday afternoon at Cosmo Cafe, Barcelona. (My challenge had a false start on Friday and then started on Sunday for real….until I forget again.)


Vespa rental giveaway on Porktie

24 Jul

Porktie, an English language magazine in Barcelona is giving away a Vespa rental for two, which you can redeem at anytime in the next month.

These contests are genuine and awesome fun. I’ve already been to see ‘Exit through the gift shop’ in Monjuic’s open air cinema thanks to them, and T won the last Vespa contest.

All you have to do is go on Porkties’s Facebook page, ‘like’ em (obviously), and then when they announce the contest at 1pm today, you’ll need to leave a comment on the contest. Then comes the fun part, contact as many of your Facebook friends as you can and get them to ‘like’ your comment. The comment with the most number of ‘likes’ wins. Simples!

Mr.T got a ridiculous 59 votes last time, someone out there should break that record!