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4th Day of Happiness: A generous flatmate

30 Jan

Already slipping on this one, but I’m fighting back. My fourth day of happiness is thanks to my wee flatmate who donated his shoes to a homeless man he hasn’t event met.

For his art project last year, titled ‘shelter’, he spent a night sleeping in a door way with a cardboard box and a blanket, and nothing in his pocket apart from his apartment keys. He’s walked a night in that other man’s shoes, so I suppose he knows better than many.

The shoes were taken to the homeless man by a network of friends called Esperan├ža, Hope. More on them tomorrow.


Andreu donating his shoes











Flowery decadence #100happydays

25 Jan

Getting crowded off my tiny desk by a bunch of unruly flowers.

Yes all my paperwork is now stacked on the floor, but it has been a long time since I had flowers in my house. It’s a first in Barcelona and I love them. A lot.

Flower indulgence sm