How to be a nosey ol’ Barcelona neighbour: learn from a pro

5 Nov

A couple of nights ago we were enjoying a drink at the poolside of the the hotel adjacent to our new home. From the hotel patio we spent a few entertaining minutes watching our upstairs neighbour nearly fall over the edge of her balcony trying to peer into our house, unaware of course that we were watching her from next door.

Having already installed Spying Sunday as a flat tradition i.e. the day on which we drag chairs around the patio and windows and stand tippy-toes to peer into the houses and lives of our neighbours and compare water features and planter gardens, I felt a certain kinship with the old lady upstairs. We had much to learn from her I could tell.

Step one: Fling caution and washing to the winds

Two days later she knocked on our door at around 10 a.m. She wore a blue waterproof jacket and had a shock of browny-ginger hair and seemed pleasant enough.

“Hola! Have you found a pair of socks in your backyard by any chance?”

She wanted it so bad I had to let her have it.

“I’m not sure, why don’t you come have a look.” I let her walk past me along the hallway.

Her head swung left as she walked on, lingering on the newly installed kitchen, all gleaming stainless steel and and sharp corners.

She watched with interest as I unlocked the patio doors, then went out and retrieved a single sock and panty.

Step two: Once infiltrated find a new reason to linger

As I walked her to the door she stopped in the hallway.”Another thing we must check is the leak.”

Me: “Ah they fixed that already didn’t they?”

“Yes but we need to make sure”, She points to the site of the old leak in the hallway.

Step three: Identify and exploit any contrived matchmaking chance to mention your offspring….in a naked style situation

She continuous….”So tonight, just check the roof to make sure no water is coming through. My son will be having his shower at around 8:30 tonight. Make sure you check this spot when he is having his shower.”

Step four: Set the target a task which makes further contact easy

“And if you see any water, come and knock on my door and tell us.”

You know what lady, I might just do that. 

We've moved to the Gotico!

We’ve moved to the Gotico! More mad stories from this barrio will follow no doubt.


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