Seeing the future in Neverland: there’s an App for it

8 Aug

If Peter Pan’s Neverland really exists, Barcelona is definitely it.

Step outside your door and you don’t have to look far to find the Lost Boys, the mermaids, the fairies and the pirates. Nowhere is it easier to run around frolicking with magical creatures and having grand adventures. No where is it easier to never grow up.

Sadly, our bodies still obstinately insist on this ageing business.

According to research conducted at New York University, our brain patterns change when we think of our current self and when we think of our older self. We think of our older selves with the same brain patterns as we think of strangers. The smaller the difference in these patterns, the more kinship you feel with your future self. The larger the difference, the more likely you are to live only for today and not give a crap about that old fool waiting for you up the road.

How do you think of your older self? Is she (or he) a stranger to you?

So in the interest of morbid curiosity and with a healthy appetite for art-house horror, I decided to find out what old me is going to look like.

I downloaded AgingBooth, a mobile app for Android and took a picture of my morning face (I’m a hard core horror fan). The app then pushed the clock forward thirty years to 2043.

Those with weak stomachs or faint hearts, look away now.




































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