Where have all the pickpockets gone?

25 Feb

It’s the first day of the mobile phone world congress in Barcelona, the biggest annual corporate event on the city calendar.

The metro line to Placa Espanya exploded with international suits this morning, complacent and laden with expensive gadgetry. Sleepily excited and looking forward to showing off their not-yet-released mobile phones and laptops which can fly a space ship to Mars while detecting and ordering milk when your fridge levels run low (that of course is the greatest human challenge at the moment: stale milk in the fridge).

Pickpocket heaven you’d think, yet I didn’t spot one single beady eyed crowd scanner. None of the regulars, and no visitors either. Not even the lighter and tissue paper sellers.

The metro has been cleaned up for the visitors.

So don’t begrudge those bright eyed hordes in their varied shades of grey. Yes you may have to squeeze onto the train Tokyo style, like so many tinned fishlings, but you also get thievery free commuting for one week. Enjoy!


One Response to “Where have all the pickpockets gone?”

  1. TEFL Iberia February 25, 2013 at 6:34 pm #

    Classic! I laughed out loud at this, it is certainly refreshing news 🙂


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