Pathetic Fallacy explained

22 Oct

Pathetic Fallacy is the theme for the writing-illustration competition organized by BCN Mes. I had to go away and google it and even had to skim through a few literary critique articles. It was not fun.

But then I remembered the Ikea advertisement. I found it, watched it, and now I understand.

Watch and learn:

Wiki says
The pathetic fallacy is the treatment of inanimate objects as if they had human feelings, thought, or sensations. The word ‘pathetic’ in this use is related to ‘pathos’ or ’empathy’ (capability of feeling), and is not pejorative. In the discussion of literature, the pathetic fallacy is similar to personification.


One Response to “Pathetic Fallacy explained”

  1. flabbypack December 17, 2012 at 12:42 pm #

    Can we please have another blog soon PrittyCar it has been 2 months and we all just can’t wait any longer at all !!!! Not even a little small part of time or some long minutes either .

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