Writers and illustrators unite! It’s competition time

8 Oct

We write it. They draw it.

BCN Mes is hosting a writer+illustrator competition this month that has me super excited. I’m not sure why, it just sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

If you would like to take part go to the Arroz Negro section on BCN Mes and sign up. You can sign up as, a writer looking for an illustrator, vice versa, or if you’re one of those lucky ones…. you know, the type who have friends, you and your writer/illustrator friend can register as a team.

The stories can be in Catalan, Castellano or English. If you’re one of the lonesome this is the time to start messaging other lonely hearts registered on the website to link up. You have until the 20th of October to register your team.

On the 21st of October each team will be given, a guideline, a genre, and a key word and graphic element that must be included in the story and accompanying illustrations.

Teams have until the 31st of October to submit their work. BCN Mes will then choose the best 8 teams and publish them in the November edition. A nice bit of publicity for your effort, and heaps of fun. You heard me. Heaps of fun!

Picture: Yoshi Sislay: One example in which I think the writer wouldn’t keep up with the illustrator.


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