La tela marinera

1 Oct

La Tela Marinera is the graffiti caption written on the title page of this blog, yet I’ve never known how to use it correctly.

Those days are behind me now. Thanks to Google. This is how to use this phrase (which roughly translates to ‘someone being f****d’, something being hard or being difficult.

He suspendido 4 asignaturas…….. tela marinera la que me espera con mis padres.
I’ve failed 4 subjects, hell awaits me with my parents (or my parents are going to give me hell)

Este vida tiene tela marinera (es muy difícil, o pesado o largo)
This life is hard.

Si, este vida tiene tela marinera. It is hard and I kinda feel like this young man here. Ever so so weary!


One Response to “La tela marinera”

  1. tbri001 November 21, 2012 at 11:51 pm #

    One of my favourite phrases in Spanish is precisely this “vaya tela marinera…”

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