Ole Merce! Vamos a la calle

21 Sep

The Merce festival is here!

It’s Barcelona’s best street party, and it is completely free. Part of the reason this city is like no other.

Leave your worries at home, and get yourself to the streets. Don’t miss the lazer light show at the Sagrada Familia tonight, or all the good stuff which will be happening at Parc Ciutadella, Plaza Catalunya, the Raval and loads of other locations. Read the Merce programme here.

Last year I didn’t plan on doing much of the Merce. Yet in one weekend:
I watched Swan Lake performed in the night over the fountains of Parc Ciutadella. I played with an adorable ferret called Messi. I found an old friend putting up dreamlike inflatable illuminated sculptures in the park. I watched Pacman played out in lazer lights on the front of the council building in Jaume. We got singed and completely and deliciously terrified under the rain of fire that is the Correfoc (wear skin protecting thick clothes and sunglasses, that shit is crazy!). Then we danced under the fire department’s bizarre but very welcome ‘fire truck street shower’, and met a whole host of strange and funny people.

Adventures are waiting! See you in the streets.


One Response to “Ole Merce! Vamos a la calle”

  1. roamingtheworld September 22, 2012 at 9:11 pm #

    Sounds awesome. Looking forward to hearing more : )

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