Do snowmen poop white poo?

20 Dec

These, and other fascinating poo questions answered in today’s post.

Remember how I said it’s all about the poo? I wasn’t kidding. Another Catalan tradition is to have one sneaky little figurine, called a caganer (shitter), taking a poo in the background of any nativity scene. This is the best example of Catalonia’s particular brand of cheeky irreverent humour. I love it!

At the Christmas market in Barcelona you can buy a Caganer of most famous personalities, both real and imaginary. But you do have to move fast if you want one of someone popular like Messi.

Anyway, no more beating about the bush, lets answer the poo questions which (admit it) have caused us all sleepless nights. According to the fine artisans of Catalonia:

1. The snowman has brown poo
2. Bart Simpson has yellow poo
3. Hello Kitty has pink poo
4. And smurfs poop blue poo (I knew it!)

They left one last remaining poo question unanswered though. What happens when a man balanced on your shoulder decides to….


One Response to “Do snowmen poop white poo?”

  1. The Spain Scoop - Scoopette December 21, 2011 at 9:06 am #

    Is the caga nen a catalan thing? or is it a spain thing? i heard they have it in madrid, too.

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