I see your Santa Claus, and raise you an Uncle Shit

13 Dec

If you look for uniquely Catalan Christmas traditions it soon becomes apparent, its all about shit.

Christmas day in itself isn’t such a big deal. Kids traditionaly did not get visited by Santa Claus, although now days Santa does creep into celebrations. Instead they got to beat the shit out of a log.

Tio-de-Nadal (Uncle Christmas) or Caga Tio (Uncle Shit) as he is better known is a tree log with a painted face and a funny nose. In the days leading up to Christmas Caga Tio is set up in a special room in the house and the kids help feed him lots of good stuff.

Then on D-Day a blanket is drapped over Caga Tio, and all the kids grab themselves a stick and start beating the crap out of him. If they beat him hard enough, Tio shits out a present under the blanket. He only shits one present at a time and kids have to work very hard to make sure they get everything out.

Walking around the shopping centers and Christmas markets in Barcelona, your more likely to come across a violently beaten shitting log, than a drunken Santa in a seedy grotto. I can’t say I disapprove.



2 Responses to “I see your Santa Claus, and raise you an Uncle Shit”

  1. Will - My Spanish Adventure December 19, 2011 at 1:04 am #

    That’s a shitty way to treat someone…

    • Prithika December 20, 2011 at 8:13 pm #

      Whatever it takes to get those presents…

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