Winter creeps up on Barcelona and brings the phwoarrr factor!

8 Dec

It started innocently enough.

First, I started closing the balcony doors when it got dark. Then we used 2 throws on the bed, then dug out the duvet.

Comfort food crept onto the menu. Roasts, soups, pumpkin and goats cheese bread and banana and chocolate muffins. Food became increasingly to share. Gregelia’s Pork Roast of Perfection, Louise’s Crumble of Glory, T’s Sumptuous Steak Pie and Iran’s Heavenly Beef Stew.

No, I lie. Iran is a horrible cook.

I try not to eat any of her cooking. She never washes after going to the toilet.

And tends to trail cat litter pebbles into unlikely parts of the house.

It’s just the kind of inconsiderate thing she does. I told her, one of these days I’m gonna cook her with barbecue sauce. She said, until then I have to clean up her shit. Witch.

Evil cats aside, the final stage in My Winter Watch came today.

While rummaging through the clean clothes pile, I spotted them and all alone in the house, I went    phwoaaaarrrrr!!!!!!!!!


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