Who let the cat out?

6 Dec

T and I got home in the wee hours of the morning the other night. The living room carpet looked a bit more colourful than usual, thanks to the rubbish bin lying in ribbons in the center. Picking his way tipsily through chicken bones and tin foil, T looks around him in disgust.

The cat pretends nonchalance.

T: You have to make sure you close the kitchen door, not leave it open for the cat. Look at the mess she’s made!
Me blurry bleary-eyed : Damn I thought I had remembered.
T: Well you obviously didn’t.
Me: Wait a minute…… you were the last to leave the house today….
T (starts clearing the mess away rapidly): Thats not the point!
Me: Helpless tipsy sprawling on the floor kind of giggling
Cat: pweh! Zzzzzz


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