Letters to Santa, the kids are back

1 Dec

I’ve trawled the Email Santa website for some more gems. I loved them last year and will keep checking them for more updates this year. Who knows, I may be making some more naughty requests from Santa! All the entries have been tested on T’s laughometer (he snorted a couple of times and then asked me to please go away and let him watch Master Chef in peace).

I couldn’t test the sad ones. T doesn’t have a cryometer cause T is a man. And men don’t cry apart from at a football matches or when watching Titanic.

Here they are-

Please make sure that the toys have batteries in them. Thank you!
– Thomas, 7, The Gold Coast, Australia.

Help people have food and a nice house to live in like I do. They will also need a fridge for there food.
– Braydon, 5, Calgary, Alberta.

Santa, please take care and don’t get sick. Drink lot’s of Orange juice and wear your slippers.
– Kyle, 4, Whispering Pines, North Carolina.

Santa be carful, we have holes in the floor. peple fall in them. I want to move. Mom says we are going to live on the street. If we are not here plese leve the presets at grammas. I love you!
– Elizabeth, 9, Auburn, Washington.

Santa I also want my parents to be nice to each other
– (Name and address withheld by Santa).

Santa it is okay that we don’t get what we want. It is okay but try and do your best.
– Dylan, 6, Squamish, British Columbia.

Thankyou for the letter you sent to me Santa. My cat has alreadey sent a letter to rodof.I have no idea what she wrote. From Holly
– Holly, 9, Auckland, New Zealand.

I wish that my Dad didn’t have to die from cancer
– Tanya-Louise, 7, Mississauga, Ontario.

Was there ever a time when you were sick and Mrs.Claus had to take your place???
– Vin, 8, West Islip, New York.

Santa, please be careful bringing my puppy down the chimney, if she doesn’t fit please make other arrangements to get her to me, do you have special helpers for precious pet deliveries?
– Scotty, 8, Fresno, California.

santa should loose some weight so that ruldolph doesnt have to work so hard
– Eric, 4, Franklinton, Louisiana.

I like that you have a nose that’s like a cherry.
– Hannah, 5, Glenview, Illinois.


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