My new local: Bar Absenta in Barceloneta

9 Nov

I found it! Less than two weeks in my new barrio Barceloneta, I have found the perfect local bar.

It satisfies almost all my criteria-

1. Close to home. About 3 minutes walk around the corner.
2. Free WiFi available
3. Chilled out bartender who doesn’t care how long you nurse a drink
4. Artsy and intellectual looking clients
5. Chock full of endlessly diverting bric-a-brac
6. Life-sized absinthe fairy suspended from the cieling

The (possible) downers-
1. It turned out to not be the 1 Euro beer bar we were actually looking for
2. The artsy and intellectual looking clients
3. The bartender’s refusal to let us take the fairy home

Och weeeel….


One Response to “My new local: Bar Absenta in Barceloneta”


  1. Yvonne's Perfect Day in Barcelona « Homage to BCN - July 23, 2014

    […] size. However, I’ll probably be more likely to wind my way back to Barceloneta for a night-cap at Absenta (c/ Sant Carles, 36). As long as I resist the temptation to sample any of the numerous types of […]

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