Organise me, Puhlees!

26 Oct

How do people do it? It makes my head ache. I never manage to make it a routine and after 7 years of pretend adult(ish) living, it has not got any better.

I’m talking about life. The boring part. Paying bills, organizing non urgent things which need to get done, all that jazz. Why is it so hard?

Here is a look at my list in no particular order-

1. Pack and move house. Again
2. Find an Endesa office and beg somebody there to please start sending us electricity bills instead of saving it all up for an annual surprise.
3. Arrange a pet carrier and a person to put my dog on a flight over to Spain before her passport expires.
4. Make sure mortgage payments are going through in the UK.
5. Make sure tenant is paying his rent.
6. Make sure house insurance is current.
7. Make sure safety certificates are current.
8. Make sure storage container rent is being paid.
9. Find dentist referral for x-rays which was given to me at the last appointment… November.
10. Get x-rays done and make appointment to have 2 maybe 3 wisdom teeth excommunicated. That’s right, my body is a church.
11. Find local medical place. Register with local doctor.
12. Change residence address at my bank- which I think can only be done at the branch where I first opened the account according to the teller at another branch.
13. Get surviving cat neutered so that she will stop presenting to the teenage retriever in the house, who then obliges her with his tongue. Dirty middle aged frustrated home bound woman seeks eager shameless teenage virgin boy. It’s so so wrong.
14. Keep up the search for a better job.
15. Try to keep writing.
16. Collect free furniture from friends before they throw it out.

All this to remember between working, house cleaning, laundry, shopping, cooking and socializing – all of which I do chaotically and sporadically at best.

My mind wasn’t made for being organized. My mind was made for vacuous living, in a garden somewhere. With a pug. And a bunch of pansies. On a boat which I blatantly have no idea how to maneuver. Where did it all go wrong?


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