Strange clubs and crazy groups

24 Oct

I was doing a bit of background reading on the author Chuck Palahnuik, author of the book which Fight Club was based on and I wondered if there were any copycat real life Fight Clubs out there. There isn’t. Not in the sense of a Brad Pitt look alike, spouting philosophical theories on society and a modern life while taking part in a little gratifying violence. I’ll admit it. It does look soooo ever so slightly cool. I know. I am so unevolved.

However, Chuck was the member of a strange little group which must have lent him some ideas. The Cacaphony Society is a loosely banded group of strangers who meet up to create and take part in random whimsical pranks and experiences beyond mainstream society. They describe themselves as ‘the squeak in the door of normalcy’ or the ‘happy dog rolling on the carcass of preconceptions’. The members and creators of this group helped establish the Burning Man Festival. Another achievement of theirs is ‘The Brides of March’ an annual event in which members dress in thrift shop bridal dresses and go on pub crawl/street theater caper.

The Cacaphony society in turn has it’s roots in an older group called the San Francisco Suicide Club. The Suicide club was a secret society formed by Gary Warne and three of his friends in his used book store – Circus of the Soul and doesn’t appear to be half as morbid as the name suggests. One of their famous pranks was the naked tram ride.
So in conclusion, Fight Club does not exist but what did and does exist in reality is a hundred times more intriguing and entertaining.

What does Barcelona have to offer in terms of crazy societies and mad capers? A quick look at meetup groups in Barcelona throws up nothing stranger than the Einstien’s Hardresser group which sounds talk heavy and action easy. I think its time for a Barcelona chapter of the Cacaphony Society. Only thing is, we would need to work extra hard to become the crazy to Barcelona’s ‘normal’. Is it possible?

Naked cable car riders


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