United for change- dare to believe in it

16 Oct

Yesterday evening, tens of thousands of protesters marched on Placa Catalunya to as part of the global revolution of people wanting a change in this world order.

Different movements have sprouted up over the last year under different banners and priorities. In Spain the movement operates under the banner of ‘Real Democracy’. In America and the UK, the movement is more anti banks, anti greed and anti capitalism. In India the movement is anti-corruption. Whatever the focus, all these movements boil down to two things-

1. Anger at inequality and unfair systems
2. Desire for a change

This is old school faith, when you allow yourself to believe we can change the world. To recognize the common goals of all these movements, the United for Global Change demonstration was organized. Take the square website organized a Global Channel for participating demonstrations to link in report from their corner of the world.

Protests turned violent in Italy, and no doubt mainstream media will suck up the sensationalism, but non of it compares to the crimes we are protesting against – large scale theft a.k.a bailouts, ‘austerity measures’ which affect the most vulnerable (education and health) while bankers still draw record breaking salaries and bonuses, whipped governments who would rather focus on suppressing and crippling the people they represent than standing up to the money lords, and inequality, inequality, inequality.

Join the Revolution!
1. Spanish Revolution on facebook
2. European Revolution on Facebook


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