Cut in English, colour in Dutch, style in Spanish por favor!

13 Oct

What? Doesn’t your hairdresser offer you a multilingual hair styling experience?

You had better come on over to Kinki’s then. I discovered Kinki by chance a few weeks ago, when I attended a party with a couple of friends. The party turned out to be the birthday celebrations of the head stylist Arnold Veerbeek which had kind of snowballed into a 1.5 year anniversary celebration for the salon. Throw in a 10 Euro discount voucher, and a 5 minute walk from my doorstep, and I found myself gleefully perched on the barber chair at half past two in the afternoon.

As relationships go (hairdresser to hairy person), this one has a solid beginning.

First we established the boundaries, short- yes, funky- yes, shaved- no, mullet- die. Then I was told he was going to shampoo- love it when they take control like that. One awesome head massage and shampoo later we were back at the chair making small talk. I hate hairdresser small talk. It’s fake, it’s forced, and you have to look at each other in a mirror. It’s 70’s porn. Arnold turned out to be a hundred times more interesting by not agreeing with me all the time or saying generic crap which people like to hear. He did not praise the Asianness of my hair, the Asianness of my colour, or my sheer Asianness in general.

He took ages over my tiny head of hair. Even when the shop got busy and he had to deal with multiple customers, being the only stylist in the shop at the time, he didn’t give up the miniscule attention to detail. He scheduled a distraught French lady in for a consultation to rectify a botched colour weave she had gotten elsewhere. Assuring her about the stylist taking the consultation- ‘she is French and she is perfect’
customer ‘Is she perfect?’
Arnold ‘Yes, she is very patient’
customer ‘Is she good?’
Arnold (meaningful look) ‘Yes, she is very very patient’

All in all, an entertaining session and an excellent cut in an very cool setting.

Useful info:

Prices …. from 23€ for men/ 33€ for women
Location… Calle Pintor Fortuny 14, 08001 (Metro: Catalunya L3)
Contact… +34 933 023 379
More info:

My new head

My new look kinda reminds me of Dobby for some reason. I think we share the same nose.

Dobby the house Elf


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