Teach an old ho’ new tricks

13 Dec

This post can be blamed on my friend Payal. usually one of the smartest smarter (you just got demoted because of the following) people I know. She left this message on my Facebook page:

“You’re teaching kids? I thought you were teaching English.”

Now watch me flex my teaching muscles (the result of a gut wrenching £1,000 spent on a 4 week course).

The idea you must learn today is- Loca teaches English to adults and children.

Concept check questions

What does Loca teach?

– Does she teach math? No
– Does she teach Chemistry? No
– Does she teach self-restraint? er..
– Does she teach English? (all together now)

Who does Loca teach?

– Does she teach dogs? No
– Does she teach monkeys? No
– Does she teach radical, right-wing, closet lesbians? probably
– Does she teach adults and kids?

Now, lets put those concepts together. What does Loca do badly for a job?

– Does she teach monkeys to play the Accordion? No
– Does she teach hookers to look like they give a shit? No (Well I could, but I wouldn’t want to take that away from the girls)
– Does she teach English to kids and adults? In the broadest interpretation of the term…..

Answer acceptable. Class over!


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