Booyakasha! Kill the white man!

3 Dec

Ok, so maybe it doesn’t really mean ´Kill the white man´, but I´m a headline pimp.*

T taught Victor the booyakasha word.

V: What does that mean?
T: Burn the white man
V (delighted): Thats brilliant! I love the stuff you can get away with, as long as you sing it in a reggae song.

Meanwhile, one of the African guys who hang around about the Cube was pacing up and down on the sidewalk. He was raging and ranting in his language. Normally this particular gentleman is jaunty and sardonic. Always dressed in a blood-red polo T shirt, red jumper, red shoes and a red beret. Sort of french chic. I´v watched him get shaken down by the police, who made him take off his shoes and belt and searched his bag; while he just laughed at them. The three of them, the laughing black man dressed in red and the two patient cops were juxtaposed against a bright yellow wall. It was a beautiful picture, and I would have taken it if I wasn´t so scared of the cops.

T (to red): Que pasa?
Red: Some fucking people stole my shoes. They stole my shoes!
Us: Sympathetic sounds
V: Booyakasha!
Robby: Que puta!
Red: Yah man, if I find them, I´ll kill them.
T: Did they take anything else?
Red: No, just my shoes man. My shoes!
V: Booyakasha!

Red, losing interest in us wanders off.

V: I actually have a pair of shoes behind the bar which I could give him.
T: Would it be the right size?
V: Yeah I think it would. And its the perfect colour, red.
Me: Aww that would be such a cool gesture. Are you going to give it to him?
V (looking uncertain): I don´t know. I´m scared of giving clothes to people in case they reject them. Maria threw a T-shirt back in my face once.
Me: I´m sure he wouldn´t. Maria is crazy anyway.
T: So is he.
V: Nah, I´m not going to give him the shoes. Racist bastard kept shouting burn the white man….
Us: erm… think you were the one shouting Booyakasha…
V: Well, he didn’t disagree with me now, did he? Racist f!

*Geek note:
Booyaka is Jamaican patois which means a lot of things, including the sound of gun shots. Booyakasha is probably just a variation of the same word and was made famous by Ali G aka Sacha Baron hate-him-or-love-him Cohen.
– Some people claim Booyakasha means kill the white man in Swahili. But Swahili for white man is mzungu, which makes even a Patois-Swahili hybrid unlikely.


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