Condemned buildings and surprising art, Festival Lilliput 2010

21 Nov

Strange things are always to be found in Barcelona. And a highly reliable guide to things strange and entertaining in Barcelona is Magda.

I met Magda for a drink the other night. In the course of that night we (a) discovered an awesome retro clothes shop near Macba, conducted a survey of all the pricey bars around till we found one selling a reasonable pint, and attended an interesting closing night party. First we met up with a friend of Magda’s. A lanky, droll, laid back musician whose name escapes me. Magda had volunteered with an art festival for the past few months, Festival Lilliput 2010. The festival organised various art installations in stairwells around Barcelona. I can’t comment more on the actual festival because I never saw it. But I saw the closing party.

The first time we tried to find the party, we spotted posters in a 2nd floor window but couldn’t find a way in. Magda maybe great at discovering things…. but she isn’t so great at actually finding them and the search was less than precise…
Magda: It’s near Macba
Lanky: Well Macba is just around the corner from here..
Magda: Ooo look up in that window, that’s the festival poster
Lanky (looking skeptical): That building is supposed to be destroyed
Magda: Realy? When?
Lanky: Yesterday soon
Magda: oh….I’m sure that’s where the party is though

The second attempt was successful (same condemned building different entrance) and we soon found ourselves ordering our drinks from a makeshift bar. We had arrived just in time for a performance by two dancers Miryam Mariblanca and Diego Campos. Inwardly cringing I followed Magda into the main room. I hate modern dance/performance art etc. Most artists come off as egotistical, pretentious and boring and I can never make eye contact with them for fear of laughing.

But what a surprise! I liked it! My bullshit meter never went off once! Awesome! No cringing, no smirking and no snorts of laughter. I credit the two performers, firstly for their skill and secondly (at the risk of trying to critique art) for the honesty of their performance. Either that, or my bullshit meter was impaired by alcohol……hmm….you judge-


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