Chip shop chat

28 Sep

I was talking to Kamran, the young man from Pakistan, who works at the British Fish n Chip shop in the Raval, Barcelona. This shop sells delectables such as IRN BRU, Vimto, Lilt, Lucozade, Dandelion and Burdock, Ginger Beer, chip buttys (A bun with chips) and toast with Marmite. All little bits of food which can cure a homesick Britisher. Do you have a British friend feeling homesick? Bring them to the chip shop and buy them a fish n chip supper. It’s a wee unassuming shop, but beloved to the homesick Brit in Barcelona.

Find it right behind the big bronze cat at Rambla del Raval 26. Or call them for a home delivered fish and chip supper or a pie and chip supper (T 934 411 134).

Fish n Chip shop

Kamran: Last month Hrithik Roshan came to the chip shop.

Me: No way! Awesome!

Kamran: Yeah, he sat on the terrace and told the waiter that he was a big Bollywood star, so the guy called me. It was my day off, but I came down and met him. It was great!

Me: Oooooooo Hrithik Roshan! I used to have the hots for him when I was sixteen thirteen. That´s so cool you got to meet him. Have any big Pakistani celebrities come to the Raval?

Kamran: Nahi, Pakistan se sirf behn chuth athe

– Nope, only sister-fuckers come from Pakistan.

Hrithik Roshan. Dreamy!


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