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Life of a stranger who stole my phone

5 Aug

Life of a stranger who stole my phone is a rather funny tumblr site which came about because a thief who stole a phone in Ibiza didn’t realise he had to switch off the automatic document upload function.

So all the photographs he has taken since stealing the phone have been uploaded to the original owner’s dropbox and then put up online.

The site is alright but the comic potential swiftly exhausted. The phone owner produces the occasional funny title, and then the occasional boring comic description.

Don’t stop though! Scroll down to the comments at the bottom of the page and that’s when it really gets funny. Now creepy Habib, the thief who stole a phone from a skinny dipping girl who was too drunk to realise that the person lying under the deck chair wasn’t her friend (these are her words I swear!) has decided he can make friends with her.

He’s left a comment on the tumblr page offering to return her phone. The people who responded to him had me in stitches.

Habib stranger who stole my phone

Fleas and dogs is on the road in India

2 Jan

Me (from the back seat): Oh my god! We just passed an elephant in a truck! There was an elephant in that truck!

My mum: Really? In a truck?

Dad (points to another truck with an elephant painted on): Did it look like that?

Me: No, it was a real elephant!

Dad: Was it big?

Me: It was an elephant!

Mum: How could it get up there?

Me: er….dunno

We lapse into companionable road trip silence.

Mum turns to dad (conversationally): Did you put the bag of rum in the boot or is it in the back seat?

Elephant truck

Barcelona’s specialists in aeronautical law

22 Mar

Flight delayed? Lost Baggage? Overbooked or airlines just plain taking the piss?

Sounds like a job for Retrasos!

Retrasos (delays) are a firm of Barcelona based lawyers who specialize in consumer rights and aeronautical law. Yeah, I didn’t know what aeronautical law was either.

A student of mine told me about this funny band of lawyers. He used them to recover the cost of all the extra flights he had to take to get from South America back into Europe during the great Icelandic volcano eruption.

Although they smack of ambulance chasers, I can’t help liking this group of specialist lawyers.

They have a 90% success rate and the owner of the firm is refused carriage on most major airlines. If the airlines are so peeved, they must be doing something right.


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